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"It is never too late to be what you might have been." -  George Eliot


Wisteria Hill Technologies founded in the Summer of 2023

Hello! I'm Noby Fujioka, the founder of Wisteria Hill Technologies.  I've been working as a web developer for over ten years, working for companies of different sizes - a cyber security startup, a tyre stock management company, a digital agency, and multi-national corporations as well as more than 9 years of experience as an international Project and Product Manager.
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A Global View with a Local Touch

Originally from Japan, I've been living in the UK for twenty years. I've had the chance to work with all kinds of companies, from a small startup to big global ones in Japan, China, Europe, and the UK.  These experiences have shaped the way I do things at Wisteria Hill Technologies, looking for opportunities to become a bridge across the globe, connecting communities across the globe.

Passion for Building Web Solutions

My first coding experience was when I was around eleven years old, with Nintendo's Family Basic, way before the internet.  I did not take computer science at my universities, and I was a project manager for manufacturing and consumer product companies to begin with.  But, the idea and satisfaction of creating something with programming was very exciting.

Initially, I developed a software platform to teach local kids around ten or more years ago.  Since then, I loved it so much that I became a professional web developer!  So, it's not just a job, but it's my passion. This passion drives everything we do here at Wisteria Hill Technologies.  Whether it's improving your online presence or solving specific problems for your business, we're here to help.

On a Mission to Make a Difference

Building websites and applications is part of me, us, trying to make a dent in the universe - creating something positive in the world.  Every line of code we write and every website we create is part of that mission.

Your Partner for Web Solutions

We understand that small and medium businesses are the backbone of communities. Our goal is to be the partner you can rely on for all things web-related. From creating a website that fits your unique needs to helping you navigate the complexities of the online world, we've got your back.

Let's Solve Your Website Problems Together

Struggling to get people to visit your website? Whether you want to improve your online presence, reach more local customers, or achieve specific business goals, we're here to assist you. Our experience and skills are here to make your web journey smoother.

Explore what makes Wisteria Hill Technologies different at wisteria-hill.com and let's start your web development journey together.

Talk to us now.

Noby Fujioka
Founder, Wisteria Hill Technologies


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