Building Anna's Art Website - Episode 2: My Insights

  • Noby Fujioka
  • 23TH MAY, 2024 | Updated 23TH MAY, 2024
Building Anna's Art Website - Episode 2: My Insights
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Analysing Anna's Website for Improvements: My Insights

In the second episode of the Wisteria Hill video Mini Series, I delve into evaluating Anna's current website to uncover potential enhancements. This episode focuses on various aspects of the site, highlighting areas that can be improved to create a more user-friendly and visually appealing online platform.

Evaluating Anna's Current Website

My analysis of Anna's website begins with a thorough walkthrough of the existing layout and design. Here are the key observations and suggestions I made during the video:

Homepage Adjustments

  • Oversized Icon: The homepage features an oversized icon, leading to wasted space that could be better utilised to showcase Anna's work more effectively.
  • Navigation Bar: The navigation bar contains numerous items, potentially causing confusion for users. I suggest streamlining the navigation menu to enhance usability.
  • Layout and Font Sizes: The current layout of the homepage, including the positioning of elements and font sizes, could be optimised for better readability and visual appeal.

Contact and Social Media Sections

  • Contact Form: The "Contact Me" section, featuring a form, is highlighted as a positive aspect of the website. It’s an effective way to engage visitors.
  • Social Media Sections: The social media sections need tidying up to enhance the overall look and feel of the website. A more organised presentation can improve user experience.

Heading Structure

  • Consistent Heading Tags: There’s an absence of consistent heading tags. I recommend reorganising headings to improve SEO and user experience.
  • Use of H1 and H2 Tags: Proper use of heading tags like H1 and H2 is crucial to ensure a logical and structured flow of content on the website.

Page Layout and Organisation

  • Layout Consistency: The video touches on the importance of layout consistency across different pages of the website. Uniform design elements and content presentation are essential.
  • Individual Page Layouts: Suggestions are made to improve the layout of individual pages, such as the About and Portrait pages, to create a more organised and visually appealing user experience.

Future Enhancements

  • Online Shop: The possibility of adding an online shop for selling Anna's art directly through the website is mentioned as a potential future enhancement.
  • Site Auditing Tools: The video concludes by hinting at the use of free site auditing tools in the next episode to further enhance and optimise Anna's website for better performance and user engagement.



In summary, I gave a quick analysis of Anna's current website, outlining various improvements that can elevate the overall user experience and visual appeal. From homepage layout to heading structure and page organisation, these insights set the stage for enhancing Anna's online presence. Stay tuned for the next episode, where I will introduce free site auditing tools to further optimise Anna's website for success.

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