Building Anna's Art Website - Episode 4: New Site Ideas

  • Noby Fujioka
  • 15TH JUNE, 2024 | Updated 2ND JULY, 2024
Building Anna's Art Website - Episode 4: New Site Ideas
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We started brainstorming about a new website for Anna dedicated to showcasing and selling her art. This episode provides a quick insight into the initial stages of brainstorming, wireframing, and setting objectives for the website. Let's break down the key points discussed in the video here.

Objectives and Target Audience

The main objectives of the new website for Anna are to showcase and publicise her art and to facilitate the sale of her artwork. The target visitors for the website include art buyers, art dealers, art collectors, art enthusiasts, and the general public. The overall theme for the website is an online Art Gallery, aiming to provide a classy, vivid, and accessible platform for displaying Anna's creations.

Technology Implementation

For the front end, I am planning to use Next.js, known for its performance, design flexibility, and efficiency. Additionally, the back end for content and database management will be handled by Directus CMS, providing a modern and flexible approach compared to traditional methods like WordPress.

Initial Brainstorming and Website Structure

The discussion included the organisation of key pages on the website, including the homepage, artwork page, my story page, insights page, shop page, and potentially a courses page. The focus initially lies on developing the homepage, artwork page, and my story page before expanding to other sections gradually.

Wireframing and Design

I used Figma to create wireframes and design structures for the website quickly. The wireframes illustrate a simplistic yet effective structure, including categories such as Seascape, Landscape, Cityscape, and Figurative under the artwork page. The wireframe can also showcase the integration of blog posts, a shop section, and a contact page.

Styling and Visual Elements

The discussion touches upon the styling elements of the website, emphasising the use of NUNITO and Nunito Sans fonts from Google Fonts and a clean, visually appealing design to highlight Anna's artwork effectively. The wireframes provide a glimpse of how the website will look, featuring large images, detailed category pages, and a user-friendly navigation system.


The overview planning and implementation strategies discussed in the video lay a strong foundation for the development of Anna's new website. By focusing on user experience, visual appeal, and functionality, we aim to create a beautiful online platform that resonates with art enthusiasts and potential buyers. Stay tuned for the next episode, where progress on the homepage and other key pages will be showcased.

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